Alumni Get-Together: SPE Dallas (Sep ’18) and East Coast (Aug ’18)

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Thirty alumni and several spouses attended a dinner during SPE annual meeting in Dallas on September 24, 2018. By all measures it was a great success. The dinner was organized by Jitendra Avasthi (’66 Appl. Geol. & ’67 Mining) with help from Anil Kumar (65’PE) and Neil Barman (93’PE). Thanks to all alumni who organized and participated in this annual event. Following is a group photograph of the participants.

Alumni on the East Coast had their 14th annual picnic (first picnic was organized in 2005) and get together on August 11, 2018 at Plainsboro NJ. The event was organized with the help from several alumni. Mr Suresh Chugh (’62 P Tech) & his gracious wife (Sudesh-ji) were great help in organizing the event and the dinner. It was all as a part of a team effort. Our thanks to organizers and participants of this grand annual event. Below is a photograph of participants from senior batches at the get together.

President’s Note

June 16, 2018 one comment ISMAANA Admin

Dear ISMAANA members:
Greetings from the new executive committee and newly appointed board members. We are excited to have this opportunity to serve our alumni and our alma mater. We appreciate the outgoing board members: Dr. Raja Ramani, Ajay Kumar, Amit Prakash, Vinay Mishra and Rajesh Raitani for their many years of service to ISMAANA.

Four alumnus joined the new board. Those include Anoop Poddar (’94 PE), Ravi Batra (’67 Geoph), Mintu Bose (’68 PE), and Dr. Anil Kumar (’65 PE). We welcome all new board members.

Several programs were initiated during the last 3 years. Details of a successful merit scholarship program as well as start of a merit cum means scholarship programs is covered in more detail in the scholarship section.

An award program to recognize outstanding teachers and researchers in IIT (ISM) is being formalized and expected to be put in place during 2018-19 academic year.

We are in the process of enhancing alumni/ alma mater interaction through alumni visits and conducting on site seminars on special topics at IIT (ISM).

ISMAANA newsletter is being published on a regular basis to exchange communication with our North America based alumni. Our thanks to Vishal Gupta, ISMAANA Secretary for this sincere effort.

An alumni database development program is ongoing for last two years with dedicated efforts of Gaurav Seth. If you know of any alumnus who is not receiving our newsletter, please subscribe his email on the right or request him/her to subscribe.

We plan to initiate a fund-raising program in 2018 to enhance our endowment funds to continue the merit scholarship program and initiate the excellence award programs for teaching and research at IIT (ISM) as well as any other future initiatives to help our alma mater. We seek your cooperation and help in this regard.

If you have any feedback to improve ISMAANA’s role or would like to contribute articles or news events or any other comments, please send us a note.
Thank you.
Dipak Sarkar
President ISMAANA (’67 PE)

ISMAANA Scholarship Programs

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Currently ISMAANA has two types of ongoing scholarship programs:

  1. Merit Scholarships: Eight merit scholarships were started in 2015 to recognize top two students in the final year of four earth science branches based on first three years of academic performance. Scholarships for 2017-18 academic year were awarded during fourth quarter of 2017 in an award ceremony at IIT (ISM).
  2. Merit cum means scholarships: Currently ISMAANA has alumni commitment for 41 such scholarships that are based on family income and academic performance. Most of these scholarship amounts are $1000/year. Key scholarship donors with number of committed scholarships in parenthesis are:
    • Naresh Vashisht (20)
    • Avinash Ahuja (10)
    • Suresh Chugh (4)
    • Mohinder Gulati (1)
    • Pramod Thakur(1)
    • Jatinder Tuli (1)
    • Dipak Sarkar (1)
    • Zoeb Mogri (1)
    • Shishir Agrawal (1)
    • Yugal Gupta (1).

First phase of the scholarships was completed in January 2018 with award of 14 scholarships. Scholarship recipients were:

  • First Year: Aman Kumar
  • Second Year: Chappidi Jagdeesh, Divyansh, Harshit Sharma, and Anant Singhal
  • Third Year: Dileep Kumar, Gajendra Singh, Pankaj Kumar, Ravi Kumar, and Shahzeb Ahmad
  • Final Year: Akash Kumar, Balireddy Pavan, Kasarla Nikhil, and Swapnil S Duggu

Pictures of scholarship winners in Phase 1 are as shown in the photograph. Twelve students qualified for phase 2 of the scholarship awards for those students who could not apply in phase 1. We are currently processing those applications. We are also working with donors to consider relaxing some of the requirements for these scholarships such as family income and state of origin such that more students may qualify. If any alumni would consider starting scholarships for needy but meritorious students, please contact Dipak Sarkar at

Featured Alumni – Archana Kumar, 1995 PE

June 16, 2018 one comment ISMAANA Admin

Archana Kumar, 1995 Petroleum Engineering (PE) batch, is currently heading the Petroleum Engineering team of Leap Energy, Malaysia. She moved to Malaysia in 2010 and since then have been working as an oil industry consultant petroleum engineer. Prior to that, Archana has worked with ONGC (India) for 12 years. She has worked on projects in various countries like India, Australia, Iran, Oman, Kuwait, Romania, UK and most of the South East Asian countries. While at work, her passion for higher studies and feeling of stagnation at work led her journey to Stanford University, USA during 2008-10. She is a proud Stanford graduate with master’s degree in Petroleum Engineering. She is happily living in Kuala Lumpur with her husband, also ISM 1995 PE batch, and two sons Abhimanyu and Aryaman.

Before admitting to ISM or IIT(ISM) as it called now, Archana wanted to become a mathematician and did not consider engineering as a career option for women those days, let alone one from a mining school. Thankfully, she did not miss mathematics at all while doing Petroleum Engineering. ISM was tough in terms of social and environment life, but all the strength gained those days are still helping her as a bold international expatriate woman engineer in the oil industry and travel all around the world without fear and hesitation. Stanford happened quite late in her life, but she took it as a challenge and completed her masters successfully while her husband took care of their sons in Shell camp Nigeria.

ISM community served Archana with an international immediate family everywhere she travelled and never felt alone. Throughout her career, everyone she met inspired her in some way or the other. Life is good, and the world looks beautiful because of such people. She has been blessed with very good mentors, colleagues and friends throughout her career and hardly faced any issue as a woman engineer in the international oil industry or elsewhere. She has put her heart and soul into the career with her family’s full support. Many women engineers may not be as lucky as she is in having a smooth sail through their career. She shares her wisdom to young women engineers to “Never underestimate your potential, you are the best always, age no bar. Be the person you want to be and not a mere follower”.

मरुभूमि में एक बीज गिरा

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मरुभूमि में एक बीज गिरा,
लिया धरती का उसने आँचल थाम,
एक माँ सा उसको प्यार मिला,
अल्प वर्षा से पनप उठा इक शाम,

माटी चीर वो ऊपर उठा,
जितना ऊपर उतना नीचे बढ़ा,
दो सुकोमल पत्ते उसके,
तेज़ हवाओं में थरथराते थे,

पर जड़ों का दम-ख़म देख,
कभी इरादे न डगमगाते थे,
ऋतुयें बदली, सावन बीते,
कई बसंत आये और आकर पार हुए,

उस अंकुर को मिटाने सृष्टि के,
सारे षड़यंत्र बेकार हुए,
धरा और पानी उसके सेनानी,
जिनके सहारे आ गयी जवानी,

वृक्ष बना वो वीरां रण का,
वृहद्-विशाल अब उसका कद था,
भूमि और तब हुई दयाला,
नयी कोपलों ने अपना सर निकला,

वट वृक्ष के साए में बढ़ती,
नयी ऊंचाइयों को छूने वो चढ़ती,
उन पुष्प-लताओं का वृक्ष सहारा,
उन्होंने वृक्ष का रूप संवारा,

वृक्ष पे एक गौरैया भी आई,
चेह्चहाई और वृक्ष की शान बढ़ाई,
गाती थी वो निर्मल स्वर में,
उल्लास झूलता अब उस आँगन में,

जिजीविषा की हठ ने जिसे पाला,
बदली जिसने मरुस्थल की विचार धारा,
ताकत-सौंदर्य का अदभुत नज़ारा,
बंजर भूमि का मैं वट-वृक्ष तिहरा.


About the author: Tushar Gupta is passionate about Hindi poetry. He is currently working towards his Ph.D. at University of Kentucky. He graduated with B.Tech from Indian School of Mines in 2012 and M.S. from University of Alaska Fairbanks in 2016 in Mining Engineering.

Awards and Achievements

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Distinguished Service Award and SME President Citation Award
Dr Abani R Samal holds PhD from SIU Carbondale, DIC & MS degree from Imperial College, London and M Tech (Mineral Exploration) degree from IIT (ISM) Dhanbad, India. He is in mining industry since 1996. Currently he is the principal and owner of GeoGlobal, LLC and providing consulting services to exploration and mining companies worldwide. Mineral deposit evaluation, applied geostatistics and mine-mill reconciliation are his technical specializations. He also provides training programs to industry professionals and academic researchers.

Abani R Samal is a Registered Member of SME. For past several years he has been active in several standing committees (Research Committee, GPAC and award committees), strategic committees (EPDSC and Products and Services) of SME. He is the Past Chair of the industrial minerals and aggregates division. Dr Samal is an active contributing member of the Resource and Reserve committee of SME. Dr Samal is a representative of CRIRSCO for India.

Neel Gupta, a doctoral student in the Department of Mining Engineering at West Virginia University, is one of the SME’s Syd S. and Felicia F. Peng Ground Control in Mining Scholarship recipients for 2018. The fellowship award is $5,000. He has also received the SME-WAAIME scholarship for the academic year 2015-2016 and 2016-2017. He graduated from Indian School of Mines Dhanbad with the Dual Degree (B.Tech + M.Tech) in Mining Engineering in the year 2015. He also studied at Aalto University, Finland as one semester exchange student. His doctoral research is the identification of fundamental mechanism, responsible for the time-dependent deformation of shale in underground coal mines.

Congratulations to below recipients for securing scholarships award from SME:

  • Coal and Energy Division Scholarship: Rishabh Pratap Singh Gurjar
  • John Sidney Marshall Scholarship: Prashant Kashyap, Shikhar Singh, Vikrant Verma, Shivam Singh, Akash, and Prashant Dev Ratrey

Santanu and Abbie Ghose celebrate their 50th wedding Anniversary

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Santanu (1958 AG) and Abbie Ghose celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary on Sunday March 18 at Four Seasons Hotel in Beverly Hills California. The event was attended by many friends and family from Los Angeles and other parts of the country.
Santanu Ghose is 1958 Applied Geology graduate of ISM. Their family is well connected to the mining industry. His father H.K. Ghose was chief Engineer of Neyvile Lignite project and his two brother in laws Mr. Dhiren Basu and Mr. Bimal Basu were both mining graduates from ISM from the early 1950s.

Santanu and Abbie were married March 17, 1968 in Los Angeles. They lived in Los Angeles (and environs) for 13 years, Redwood City for 5 years, Dallas for 28 years, and are currently living in Los Angeles where they moved back 5 years ago.

They have travelled to Paris with Triton Energy in Dallas and attended many company events with Sohio/BP in San Francisco.

They have one daughter who is a scientific journalist. and 3 grandsons, 6 years, 4 years, and 5 months old.

You may contact them at

IIT(ISM) Alumni Get-Together in Minneapolis

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The event took place at 6:30 PM on February 26, 2018 at Dancing Ganesha restaurant. Most of us (also SME attendees) gathered at Hilton Hotel lobby and took a few minutes walk in nice cold winter to Dancing Ganesha, where the IIT(ISM) get-together took place. We are doing these get-togethers since 2008 (first social event was in Salt Lake City), so this was our 10th social event in continuation.

Vishal Gupta welcomed everyone. The event followed by formal introduction in ISM way. The group celebrated awards given to ISMites during SME meeting at different events – IMAD division Distinguished Service and SME President Citation award to Abani Samal, SME’s Syd S. and Felicia F. Peng prestigious scholarship award to Neel Gupta and other SME scholarship awards to current IIT(ISM) students. Vishal apprised the alumni of various efforts for scholarships and other activities taken up by ISM alumni association of North America.

It was indeed a joyous occasion, and everyone enjoyed the social get-together. It’s just once a year that we all get-together during SME meeting, alumni come from different states and sometime even travel as far from India to attend this conference and making this evening more special.

With this, I would like to thank alumni to take some time out to celebrate ISMite get-together to cherish the glorious days of IIT(ISM) during SME meeting. It was always a pleasure to have support from senior-most alumni Dr. Madan Singh sir (1956). A special thanks to Raghav Dube who did the hard work finding a place, menu and now our official treasurer for such events.

ISMAANA Elects a New Executive Committee w.e.f. January 2018

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Dear All ISMAANA Members and IIT (ISM) Management:

It is with great pleasure we announce the new Executive Committee of ISMAANA effective immediately as follows:

  • President/Chairman – Dipak Sarkar (1967 PE)
  • Vice President – Manoj Choudhary (1993 PE)
  • Treasurer – Atul Kumar (1967 PE)
  • Secretary – Vishal Gupta (2001 ME)

Election of the above mentioned executive committee members, nominated by the Advisory Committee of ISMAANA (consisting of Prof. Raja Ramani (1962 ME), Mr. Jagjit S. Yadav (1965 PE) — both are former President & Chairman of ISMAANA, and Dr Ganesh Thakur (1970 PE) is the current President & Chairman of ISMAANA, were unanimously accepted by the 2017 Board of Directors.

We highly appreciate the current Board of Directors and the outgoing ISMAANA Executive Committee for an outstanding job performed during the last three to four years in achieving a variety of goals and objectives for ISMAANA and IIT (ISM), as described in the ISMAANA December 2017 Newsletter.

We wish a great success to the newly elected Executive Committee in future endeavors for ISMAANA and IIT (ISM)!!


Ganesh Thakur (1970 PE)
2013-17 ISMAANA President/Chairman
Chairman – ISMAANA Advisory Committee

President’s Note

December 17, 2017 0 comments ISMAANA Admin

Dear ISMAANA members:
It is a great pleasure for me to communicate with you as the President/Chairman of our North America Alumni Association. We are taking steps to assist our Alma Mater in a variety of positive and impactful way. We, as the ISMAANA Executive Committee, have achieved several goals and objectives as given below:

  1. Granting eight (8) merit-scholarships at ISM and executing the scholarship program effectively in a sustainable manner since 2015.
  2. Thirty-nine (39) merit-cum-means scholarships have been pledged by ISMAANA members in 2017. MOUs on these scholarships are being finalized.
  3. Communicating effectively and often with our Alma Mater and the ISMAANA members located in North America – newsletters are being published regularly and we are working on our web system and/or joining other forms of social media to communicate with our members and ISM family worldwide.

The ISMAANA Board has worked very closely with ISM in developing and executing the scholarship programs and various MOUs. The ISM Director, Dr. D. C. Panigrahi, and our Executive Committee have been extremely pleased with the progress made to date.

I sincerely thank our publishing editors of the newsletter. Please continue publishing it every quarter, as it serves a good means to keep abreast of various ISM and ISMAANA activities. I am also requesting our members to share the newsletter with others who may not be receiving it to encourage sign-up.

I encourage each one of you to prepare articles for publication in future newsletters. If you would like to share your ideas, particularly any items related to your ISM experience, please feel free to send to the editors of this newsletter. Also, if you have any feedback to enhance ISMAANA’s roles in assisting our Alma Mater, please send me an e-mail.

I have thoroughly enjoyed working in my present role for three plus years, and it has been a pleasure for me to work with the current Board members and the ISM senior management. At the end of the year, I will be transitioning to my new role as the past Chairman of ISMAANA, and during the New Year, a new Executive Committee and board will be in place. Thank you all for giving me the opportunity to serve ISMAANA and our alma mater.

With best wishes to you and your family members and Happy Holidays,

Ganesh Thakur (Class of 1970 Petroleum Engineering)
ISMAANA Chairman/President
Director of Energy Industry Partnerships &
Distinguished Professor of Petroleum Engineering
University of Houston, Texas, USA
2012 SPE Intl. President
Former VP & Fellow – Chevron Technology