ISMAANA Alumni 1:1 Alumni Match for PM CARES Fund – Covid-19 relief

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Update 04/24: Alumni match is now doubled, i.e., $2 match for every dollar donated for this cause.

Dear ISMAANA Admin:

The current outbreak of the Coronavirus pandemic is creating a great sense of personal and social insecurity around the world. India is going through 3 weeks of national lockdown to combat this virus. This is creating an immense amount of hardship among poor and disadvantaged people many of whom have lost their means of livelihood and in some cases their shelter. PM Narendra Modi has created PM’s Citizen Assistance and Relief in Emergency Situations (PM-Cares) Fund primarily to deal with the emergency situation posed by the Corona Virus pandemic. PM is the head of this fund along with defense, home, and finance ministers as the members.
People from all walks of life in India are enthusiastically contributing to this fund. They include common citizens, students, celebrities, foundations, and corporations. No amount is too small. In the first few days of the establishment of this fund over $295 million has been raised.
We at ISMAANA would like to help our mother country in this time of great suffering and need. You may have received an appeal letter from Director IIT (ISM) requesting any contributions to the PM Cares fund to be routed through IIT (ISM) Dhanbad. IIT (ISM) will direct the funds to PM Cares along with contributions from other alumni groups as well as donations from faculty members and staff of IIT (ISM) who have committed to contribute two days’ salary to the fund.
We humbly request for your generous donation to the PM Cares fund by writing a check to “Indian School of Mines Alumni” with ‘For deposit only’ written in the back of the check and ‘PM Cares Fund’ written in the memo section of the check. Please mail it to ISMAANA C/O Atul Kumar Treasurer, 46 Huntsman Horn circle, The Woodlands, TX 77380. ISMAANA shall provide a receipt of your donation promptly. One of our alumni will generously match 100% of your donations up to $1 million.
The need in India is great and urgent. We request your donations promptly as we would like to send our first check to IIT (ISM) as soon as possible.
With best wishes and regards.

Dipak Sarkar
President ISMAANA
On behalf of ISMAANA Board

President’s Note

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Dear ISMAANA members:

We wish happy holidays to all our alumni. May the new year bring fulfillment of your fondest wishes.

ISMAANA continues to work on many projects to assist our alma mater as well as our North America based alumni. During the last academic year (2018-19), 38 merit cum means scholarships were awarded to IIT (ISM) students. Twenty-nine students are carrying over their scholarships to the new academic year (2019-20). Selection of 23 remaining scholarships are currently underway for a total of 52 merit cum means scholarships to be awarded in the current year.

This is in addition to 8 merit scholarship being awarded to eight fourth-year students in four earth science branches based on their academic performance during the first 3 years. More details are provided under ISMAANA scholarship programs.

Work has started to build an innovation and tinkering lab at IIT (ISM). Naresh Vashisht (PE’67) has generously agreed to fund this project estimated to cost $1.2 million. A detailed announcement of the project is provided in this newsletter.

Dr. Piyush Dutta (60’Mining) has instituted an annual Innovation prize of Rs. 1 lakh at IIT (ISM) for the student who develops and prototypes the best original idea in the Mining technologies. The process for such selection has already started.

IIT (ISM) alumni in North America alumni had several gatherings around the country. We meet on different occasions to develop fellowship among alumni and to strengthen bonds between us and with our alma mater. We have provided coverage of such gatherings in this newsletter

ISMAANA newsletter is being published on a regular basis to exchange communication with our North America based alumni. Our thanks to Vishal Gupta, Secretary, for this sincere effort.

An alumni database development program is ongoing for the last two years with dedicated efforts of Gaurav Seth. If you know of any alumnus who is not receiving our newsletter, please let Gaurav know at

We started a fund-raising program in 2018 to enhance our endowment funds to continue and expand the merit scholarship program and to fund outstanding research projects at our alma mater. Additional funds are also needed to help IIT (ISM) students attend international seminars and conferences. The scarcity of funds limits us from considering many such requests during the year. Many of you have already contributed to the alumni fund. We seek your continuous support to enhance the ISMAANA endowment fund. You may write your tax-deductible donation check to “Indian School of Mines Alumni” and send it to our treasurer Atul Kumar at 46 Huntsman Horn Circle, The Woodlands, TX 77380.

If you have any feedback to improve ISMAANA’s role or would like to contribute articles or news events or have any other comments, please send us a note.

Thank you.

Dipak Sarkar
President ISMAANA (’67 PE)

ISMAANA Scholarship Programs

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Currently, ISMAANA has two types of ongoing scholarship programs.

1) Merit Scholarships – Eight final year students were awarded ISMAANA merit scholarship earlier this month. ISMAANA started these scholarships in 2015 to recognize the top two students in four earth science branches based on the first three years’ academic performance. As our funds permit, we plan to extend these scholarships to other branches of study. Below is a list of merit scholarship winners with their pictures of receiving the award along with faculty advisors.

S.No. Admission No Name Discipline OGPA up to 6thsem.

2) Merit cum means scholarships – These scholarships started in 2017 and currently, ISMAANA has alumni commitment for 52 such scholarships that are based on family income and academic performance. The amount of these scholarships range from $1000/year to $1370/year. These scholarships are intended to mainly cover student expenses related to room, board, and transportation. During the 2018-19 academic year, 38 such scholarships were awarded to undergraduate students. For the current academic year of 2019-20, 29 students carry over their scholarships from last year while 9 final year students graduated. IIT (ISM) has advertised for applications for the remaining 23 scholarships.

Scholarship donors with number of committed scholarships in parenthesis are Naresh Vashisht (20), Avinash Ahuja (10), Suresh Chugh (4), Mohinder Gulati (1), Pramod Thakur (1), Jatinder Tuli (1) Dipak Sarkar (1), Zoeb Mogri (1), Shishir Agrawal (1), Yugal Gupta (4), Mahendra Verma (2), Atul Arya (1), Sriram Muralidharan (1), and Raj Prasad (1). During 2019 we received sponsorships for 3 more scholarships, 2 from Bijay Banthia (61’PE) and one from Rana Roy (94’PE).
As news of these scholarships spread more alumni are coming forward to offer these scholarships to needy meritorious students. If you need more information about these scholarships, please call Dipak Sarkar at 714 826-2810 or write to

Development of a Tinkering and Innovation Lab at IIT(ISM)

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To foster a high level of creativity and innovation among its students IIT (ISM) has undertaken the development of a Tinkering and Innovation Lab at the campus. A small step in raising the ranking of our Alma Mater as one of the top ten colleges in India.


To provide an innovative workspace for students to experiment, learn and transform their ideas into real-time engineering projects leading eventually to products, services, and patents.


Leading engineering institutes all over the world starting from MIT’s Fabrication Laboratory (fab lab), Harvard’s Innovation Laboratory(I-lab), and many of the IIT’s have similar innovation labs. It has been felt for many years that IIT (ISM) needed a similar lab at the campus to provide hands-on experience to students to work on new and creative ideas that could ultimately lead to new products and services.

Project Development

After a year of proposal development that included a visit to other innovation labs, IIT (ISM) developed a detailed proposal to build a world-class facility at the campus.

The lab will be located in one of the floors in the newly constructed GRIHA Compliant building inside the institute. The approx. floor space of the proposed Centre will be about 10,000 sq. feet. The building along with all the facilities and equipment shall be shared by all the students of the Institute.

Some of the major facilities and equipment that the lab would provide are 3D Printers, 3D Scanners, CNC Lathes, sheet metal cutting, welding and carpentry tools, CO2 Laser Acrylic cutter, and soldering and woodworking stations.

Other electronic and computer equipment includes GPU workstations, Electronics/robotics workstations, IoT (Internet of things) workstations, multilayer PCB printers, and laser workstation.

In short, this lab will have all the necessary equipment to build a prototype of any innovation. Work on equipment acquisition has already begun.

Project Cost and funding:

Cost estimate of the project is slightly above US $1.2 million. Mr. Naresh Vashisht (PE’67) President Omimex Resources, Fort Worth TX and ISMAANA member has generously committed to provide the required funds for the lab. The lab shall be named “Naresh Vashisht Centre for Tinkering & Innovation”.

Innovation Prize Instituted at IIT (ISM)

December 28, 2019 one comment ISMAANA Admin

Dr. Piyush Dutta (60’Mining) has signed an MOU with IIT (ISM) to award one annual innovation and invention prize to a final year student or jointly to final year students if such a selection is made. The award is to be given for the best original conceptual idea presentation, report, and prototype demonstration that will improve the mining technologies. The amount of the annual innovation prize is Rs. 100,000. The process is in place to make the first such award during the Basant event in February 2020.

Dallas Area Alumni Meet

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Dallas area alumni held a reception for ISMAANA President Dipak Sarkar during his visit to Dallas. The reception was held on September 8, 2019, at India 101 restaurant in Irving. Twenty-six alumni, spouses and guests were present at the reception. Dipak made a presentation on current ISMAANA activities and answered a few questions. The reception was organized by ISMAANA board member Dr. Anil Kumar (67’PE). Among senior alumni present were Dr. Mohan Seth (60’App Geol.), Dr. Ram Agarwal (61’PE), Krishna Gupta (63’PE), Dr. Anil Kumar (65’PE), Purna Haldar (66’App Geoph.), and Naresh Vashisht (67’PE). Many alumni from more junior batches were present with their spouses. Below are a couple of photographs from the event.

IIT(ISM) Alumni East Coast Picnic – August 2019

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Our 2019 ISMAANA East Coast annual picnic & get-together held on Saturday, August 9 in south New Jersey successfully. We had laughter with lighter conversations, plenty of food & some pretty serious discussion on energy & climate at this time. We had both morning & dinner session.

During the dinner session alumni, Atul Arya (’78 Petroleum Engineering) presented a talk on Energy & Climate: Past, Present and the Future. The presentation is enclosed for our alumni around the globe. Please abide by all the copyright laws applicable as mentioned in the enclosed soft copy attachment while using this material. You can read the presentation at your leisure (in subsequent pages), and Atul could be reached via e-mail ( for any question/comment about the enclosed presentation:

We hope you find the material useful. For those who aren’t familiar with Atul Arya, here is a brief bio-data about him:

Dr. Atul Arya received his BS (Petroleum Engineering) degree from the Indian School of Mines, now IIT (ISM), Dhanbad in 1978. He completed an MS degree from the University of Tulsa and earned a PhD from The University of Texas at Austin, both in Petroleum Engineering. He has been working in oil & gas industries around the world since then and now as Chief Energy Strategist with IHS Markit based in Cambridge. Massachusetts.

We have also enclosed pictures who attended the event & all the faces are identified with names. This time we had a few out of country guests from India and they are:

Adhir Ojha (’65 Mining Eng.); Vijay Govil (’65 Petroleum Technology); Saroj Panja (’70 Mining Eng.) and Rajiv Kapur (’71 Petroleum Eng.)

Standing (L to R): Dhanvir Singh (’63 P Tech), father of Bharat Saraswat (‘2006 CSE), Adhir Ojha (’65 Mining Eng), Atul Arya (’78 Petroleum Eng), Saroj Panja (’70 Mining), Shiv Sharma (’63 P Tech), Vijay Govil (’65 P Tech), Sunil Jain (’71 Mining), Ajaya Kapoor (’72 Petroleum), Suresh Chugh (’62 P Tech), Prabuddha Gupta (’95 Mining), Prof. Raja Ramani (’62 Mining), Rajiv Kapur (’71 Petroleum), Mihir Sinha (’66 P Tech) & Sneharthi Roy (’87 Mining)

Sitting (L to R): Mrs. Calpana Arya, Bharat Saraswat’s (2006 CSE) mother, Mrs. Adarsh Govil, Deepa (daughter of Vijay Govil), Mrs. Sudesh Chugh, Mrs. Sita Kapoor, Sarmistha Roy (alumna of ISM) & wife of Sneharthi Roy (’87 Mining), Mrs. Geetha Ramani, Mrs. Rajiv Kapur & Amy Compton (wife of Ashutosh Singh). These are the family members & spouses of our alumni.

Front (L to R) kneel-down: Shruti Sinha (2006 CSE), Bharat Saraswat (‘2006 CSE), Aditya Jain (2006 Mech Eng), Ashutosh Singh (2006 Mining), Dhananjay Kumar (2006 CSE), oldest (Prasiddha) & youngest (Prawah) sons of Prabuddha Gupta (’95 Mining Eng.)

Standing L to R: Dhanvir Singh (’63 P Tech), N V Raman (’65 Mining), Prajapati Shapkota (’88 Mining), Ashutosh Singh (2006 Mining), Mihir Sinha (’66 P Tech), Shiv Sharma (’63 P Tech), Adhir Ojha (’65 Mining), Vijay Govil (’65 P Tech), Prof. Raja V. Ramani (’62 Mining), Saroj Panja (’70 Mining), Ujjal? [(son of Prajapati Shapkota (’88 Mining)], Atul Arya (’78 Petroleum Eng.), Pradip Gangopadhyay (’70 Petroleum Eng.), Aditya Jain (2006 Mech Eng.), Sneharthi Roy (’87 Mining), Dhananjay Kumar (2006 CSE) & Bharat Saraswat (2006 CSE)

Sitting (L to R): Shruti Sinha (2006 CSE), Mrs. Calpana Arya, Sarmistha Roy (alumna & wife Sneharthi Roy), Amy Compton (wife of Ashutosh Singh), Jitendra Bahadur (JB) Singh (’62 P Tech), Mrs. Pushpa Singh (wife of J B Singh), Leela (wife of Prajapati Shapkota), Mrs. Swati Kumar (wife of Dhananjay Kumar), Mrs. Adarsh Govil (wife of Vijay Govil), Mrs. Geetha Ramani (wife of Prof. Ramani) & Mrs. Swarup Raman (wife of NV Raman)

Energy & Climate: Past, Present and the Future by Dr. Atul Arya

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The presentation addresses trends in energy consumption, sectoral demand for energy and impact of energy usage on climate change. Dr. Arya works for IHS Marketing whose projection over the next 30 years shows plateauing of oil demand, as alternative transportation sources gain market share. According to this forecast coal demand declines gradually, natural gas use grows strongly, replacing oil and coal in all sectors and renewables gain an important share of the global market.
IHS Marketing also projects rapid improvement is renewable cost, global cooperation for climate and environmental policy and changing consumer preferences drive greater conservation and changing demand for various energy resources. The presentation also addresses India’s energy use, trends, and outlook over the next 30 years. You can access the full presentation here.


Calgary Canada SPE Meeting – IIT (ISM) Alumni Gathering

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In conjunction with the 2019 SPE Annual Technical Meeting in Calgary, Canada, we had an ISM Alumni Dinner on Monday, September 30, 2019 evening. A total of 22 alumni participated in the dinner. Thanks to our Calgary based alumni Hemanta Sarma, Navpreet Singh, and Gaurav Sharma, for their efforts, dinner was a great success.

Following is the list of alumni (with their phone numbers* and e-mail addresses) who participated in the dinner:

1. Gaurav Sharma (2012 Pet): 403-6×1-xxxx,
2. Navpreet Singh (2014 Pet); 403-6×9-xxxx,
3. Vineet Prakash (2014 Pet): 832-2×7-xxxx,
4. Varun Pathak (2006 Pet): 403-9×6-xxxx,
5. Hemanta Sarma (1978 Pet); 403-2×0-xxxx,
6. Umesh Prasad (1987 Mining): 281-5×8-xxxx,
7. Manuj Gupta (2004 Mining): 403-8×5-xxxx,
8. Mintu Bose (1968 Pet): 403-4×1-xxxx,
9. Ashok Signal (1963 Pet): 403-9×5-xxxx,
10. Sarwesh Kumar (2003 Pet): 985-3×3-xxxx,
11. Vivek Swami (2006 Pet): 403-8×8-xxxx,
12. Ashish Kumar (2004 Pet): 403-4×1-xxxx,
13. Bhoj Raj Choudhary (2005 Pet): 403-9×5-xxxx,
14. Hari Saripalli (2009 Pet): 403-4×2-xxxx,
15. Rahul Kumar (2005 Pet): 91-9954x8xxxx,
16. Ashutosh N. Pandey (2006 PE): 91 7042x8xxxx,
17. Saloma Yomdo (1994 Pet): 91-9435x3xxxx,
18. Sanjeev Malik (1993 Pet): 968-95x2xxxx,
19. Jitendra Kikani (1984 Pet): 713-3×2-xxxx,
20. Anil Kumar (1965 Pet): 469-4×1-xxxx,
21. Prithvi S. Chauhan (2020 Pet): 91-8830x8xxxx,
22. Jitendra Avasthi (1966 Geol, 1967 Mining): 832-7×6-xxxx,
Photographs taken at the dinner follows (courtesy of Sarwesh Kumar).

*Phone number of attendees have been masked for privacy reasons, please reach out to for any specific requests.

2019 IIT-ISM Houston Holiday Family Event

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IIT-ISM Houston alumni had their 2019 holiday event on December 7, 2019, in Houston, TX. The family event was well attended by alumni from a wide range of batches along with their family. The party was a great success and included activities/games for every age group including musical-chair for kids, a couple’s game and “down-the-memory-lane” a custom made video quiz. To make it further memorable, we had a photo booth with a backdrop having ISM logo and famous/nostalgic ISM quotes.